Wire Recorder

Students Involved:

Echo Qiao Tan, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Zachary Atkins-Weltman, Brown University


Project Description

Circular Spool for Large Ferrite Electromagnet (PRT)

Circular Spool for Large Ferrite Electromagnet (STL)

Spool for music wire STL (Print in inches)

Fig 1. Hysteresis Curves of Different Materials Measured.
Fig 2. BH Curves of Potential Recording Wires
Fig 3. BH Curves Potential Cores (Ferrite not included but is just a sloped line)
Voltage of 2 frequencies from function generator
Voltage of 2 Frequencies on recorder


Poulsen’s Wire Recorder Patent

Poulsen’s Electromagnet

Poulsen’s Telegraphone

Method for Wire Recorder

Electromagnet Orientation

Wire Recorder Details

Wire Recorder Experiment