Getting Started with the Othermill

To create electrical circuit schematics and develop PCBs, see the OrCAD Layout tutorial on the MAE 433 page or download the below PDF.

The full Othermill Tutorial includes setup instructions, special steps needed for OrCAD file conversion, and support for using the Autodesk Fusion 360 CAM software.

OrCAD Layout Tutorial

CNC Milling with the Othermill – Tutorial

Applications of the Othermill

Milling inductors

This flat-spiral inductor was milled from a 4×5″ copper-plated FR-1 board. When two spirals milled on a opposing sides of a double-sided board were connected in series, the measured inductance was .6 microhenries. The inductor was used with a capacitor in an LC circuit to amplify the resonant frequency of a crystal-radio receiver.

Fusion 360 CAM test project
Utilizing Autodesk’s free Fusion 360 computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, this rough scrap of HDPE plastic was transformed into a faced, rounded square with a drilled clearance hole.



See below Creo, Fusion, and NC files to create this test piece.