Declarative Statements

After a thorough study thermoelectricity from Joseph Henry, especially on the artifact that we have (See Henry Apparatus), we have the following statements on the device.

1. The device was not the device Joseph Henry used for sunspot study (Reference: “Observations on the Relative Radiation of the Solar Spots”, Joseph Henry, June 20, 1845, Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. iv, pp. 173-176)

2. We found student notebook reference to this device suggesting that it was used in Joseph Henry’s teaching (Reference: Daniel Ayres Jr. Notes, 1841 and Henry Cameron, 1846)

3. Joseph Henry studied thermoelectricity. In 1837, he made sparks using ribbon coil with Wheatstone. (Reference: The Papers of Joseph Henry, April 22 1847 and April 26 1847)

4. Joseph Henry taught his students about the Seebeck effect with showing the sparks created with the thermopile we have and the Melloni Apparatus (Reference: Frederick S. Giger 1840, Henry Cameron 1846)