Combating Structural Violence in Urban Communities with Farmers Markets

Group: Aaron Cohen ’22, Sarah Drapkin ’22, Lazlo Nziga ’23, Charlie Vrattos ’22

Community Partner: Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Mercer County, Dept. of Family & Community Health Sciences (FCHS)

Our group has worked with founders, stakeholders, vendors and educators of the Greenwood Ave Farmer’s Market to identify the key components of community-based wellness essential to the mission of this unique and innovative farmer’s market. Greenwood Ave seeks to address several financial, linguistic, educational, and structural inequalities in the surrounding area through a community gathering focused on social solidarity, nutrition, and physical health. We hope to help Greenwood Ave’s founders refine their project goals and identify feasible and practical solutions. We have created an infographic for Greenwood Ave that succinctly illustrates a five-pronged approach to delivering community-based wellness. We accompany this infographic with a literature review that will help Greenwood Ave better conceptualize their mission to address health and social inequalities in Trenton, NJ. We hope this work will also serve as a guide for communities seeking to fight structural violence through their own grassroots actions.

 Infographic (click here or on the image to expand):


Literature Review & Accompaniment to Infographic:
Combating Structural Violence with Farmers Markets

Our critical throughts on Combating Structural Violence in Urban Communities with Farmers Markets: Critical Reflections 

Online meeting with community partners
Online meetings with community partners