“A War on Poor People”: Speaking Out Against Drug Criminalization

“So it hurts me because it’s my blood, but it also hurts me because it’s just a kid that didn’t get a chance to live. He had no chance at anything in the condition that he was in…”

Group: Mary Davis ’22, Grace Simmons ’22, and Ilya Yatsishin ’22

This is an interactive site that connects the lived experiences of a Moses , a long-time resident of North-Philadelphia, to a wider historical and social context. By presenting the life history of a single person alongside journalistic, academic, and other multimedia sources, this project highlights how on-the-ground narratives weave together numerous critical perspectives, offering important insights on the unfolding of local realities.

When reading through the Moses’ interview on the left click on the underlined text to reveal multimedia commentary and background information on the themes he discusses.

Doing this will enable you to gain a broader sense of the history and context that would otherwise remain implicit in Moses’ descriptions.

In order to respect the privacy of those mentioned in the interview, many names and locations mentioned have been changed. 

View our presentation (click here or on the image):

Image Credit: The Grio


Our critical thoughts on “A War on Poor People” can be read here:
Critical Reflections


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Thank you to our community partners at the Creative Resilience Collective for facilitating access to Moses’ interview and their continued support and guidance in the development of this project.