Addressing Autism Stereotypes

Group: Alex Espinel ’23, Breanna Gbadebo-Goyea ’23, Faith Meitl ’23, Sofiya Yusina ’22

Community Partner: Eden Autism

Our group has worked in collaboration with Eden Autism, a locally based community partner working with autistic individuals and their families. Eden Autism has identified that many parents of autistic children face insensitive questions and offensive judgments of their children that are founded in damaging stereotypes. We have developed an infographic that address the common stereotypes of autistic individuals and provides resources for parents of children with autism or others interested in learning more about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Concept Map (link on the image):


Infographic (link on the image):

Project Methodology (link on the image):


Our critical thoughts on Addressing Autism Stereotypes: Critical Reflections


Online meeting with community partner