Plasticity in a Plagued World

Group: Rowan Pierson ’22 & Katya Vera ’20

Inspired by Jorge Furtado’s film Island of Flowers and by anthropologist Ruth Benedict’s concept of human plasticity, our short film explores how words, meanings, and associations change during pandemic’s “new normal.” In this way, we ruminate on the viral economics and politics of public health of our plagued world. As we grapple with these altered semantics, the necessity for social change during and after this pandemic becomes ever clearer.

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank our four wonderful instructors for working diligently in ensuring that our learning environment would not be tarnished by this “new normal.” Thank you for your commitment to our class and academic experience. Through this course, we have been exposed to an array of concepts and material, undoubtedly influencing our thought processes, career paths, and lives.

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