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We Actually Need These People

by Tobias Stoner Winnipeg, Canada – After the last national elections, the Liberal party dramatically raised Canada’s target for annual immigration levels, and the Conservative provincial government in Manitoba was unhappy. They wanted even more people. According to Ben Rempel, Manitoba’s Assistant Deputy Minister for Immigration and Economic Opportunities, the federal government didn’t have to

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Nice Canada?

By Nicholas Wu Brenlea Yamron, our server at “Nathan Detroit’s Deli,” was all too happy to tell us about her involvement with Operation Ezra, a Jewish resettlement project in Winnipeg, when she learned that we were in Winnipeg to learn about refugee resettlement. Juggling plates of eggs and cups of coffee, she gushed about her

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We’re not them

By Francesca Billington Print journalism might be fading, but Canadian pride isn’t. Canadians often compare themselves to Americans to feel better, especially since Trump took office. But this method of comparison isn’t new. Bob Cox, publisher of the Winnipeg Free Press, gestured towards his spacious office on the first floor, separate from offices near the

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“Hey – how do I know you?”

By Allison Light Sitting at the Winnipeg Free Press daily meeting, their editorial team goes through the day’s stories. At some moments, it feels like we could be listening to news from any of our hometowns – the big sports team’s latest score, a murderer who pocket dialed the victim’s daughter after stabbing him, parents

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Who are the nice guys?

By Kieran Murphy “We’re proud that we’re not Donald Trump.” That was the immediate reaction of Winnipeg Free Press publisher Bob Cox when asked about Canadian political identity. He adds that there is a marked difference in policies related to immigration and refugees. Canadians like to think of themselves as the “nice guys,” he says.

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