65 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2016


Izzie and Alex


Izzie and Alex

Our Fork Adventure – Alex and Izzy

We were first assigned the front forks with no previous knowledge as to what or even where they were located on the motorcycle. We spent the first few weeks of class helping disassemble the motorcycle and gathering all of the parts that were a part of the front fork or handlebars. Disassembly was a long process of figuring out what parts were damaged and needed to be replaced. We had to use various tools to disassemble the forks and construct replacement parts.

During the assembly process, we cleaned all of our parts and prepped them for the powder coater. After all of our parts were ready to go, we began the process by attaching the triple tree assembly to the frame. After the triple tree assembly was all together, we assembled each fork tube individually. Then, we attached each fork tube to the triple tree and put the fork bodies and ears on the forks. Finally we attached the handlebars, speedometer, throttle, clutch, and front wheel onto the motorcycle.  It was an amazing experience and we learned so much about motorcycles! Thank you much for a great year! We had so much fun and can’t wait to bring everything we’ve learned into our future experiences in life! Thank you!!!