65 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2016


Micah and Jim

Micah and Jim

Our Fasten-ating Journey!

Assigned to work on Fasteners, Gaskets, and the Carburetor, Micah and I quickly bonded in the shop after being paired together in the second week of class. Our first task as a group was to measure out and fabricate two new gaskets for the clutch and timing side engine covers. From that moment on, we proved to be a versatile group in the class, lending a hand to different groups when needed and learning lots about many different parts of the motorcycle in the process. Depending on the day, we could be cleaning parts, sorting fasteners, or working together with our classmates to group parts and assemble the motorcycle. One of the biggest challenges we faced was that of the carburetor, which took us many class sessions to complete. Micah and I started by completely disassembling and cleaning the part. Then, using the parts manual and some borrowed bits from other carburetors, we reassembled the carb’ for our ’65 Cub and tested it on another bike. After a few tries, and help from Professor Littman and Glenn, we got it working (almost) like new. After the carburetor was completed, our main task was assisting our fellow groups in assembly, We spent a lot of time searching through bins, hunting down all the necessary parts and fasteners to piece together (and hold together) things like the foot pegs or the oil reservoir. Finally, we spent some of our final lab sessions helping the top and bottom end teams to finish reassembling, with the help of our gaskets (and some craftily applied instant gasket in the event of an expected tear), the engine. One the engine was put back together, we mounted it to the frame, attached the oil tank, and before we knew it, we were outside the lab watching our motorcycle sputter into life for the first time! Micah and I wore many hats over the course of our journey, and together we took on many challenges. Now that we have reached the course’s end, though, I know that we are both very proud of the work we’ve done, and that we are extremely grateful to have been a part of it!