65 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2016

Frame 2016 PPT

We, as the frame team, began with disassembly of the frame of the bike and parts attached to it. After all the parts were taken off, bagged, and categorized according to the Tiger Cub manual diagrams, we inspected the larger parts of the frame. In order to help us look for cracks or damage, we cleaned the parts with citrus degreaser and Yield spray. We also sandblasted the important frame parts in order to take paint off and expose the joints.

Then, after being inspected, the frame pieces were sent to the powder-coater in order to be given a smooth, shining, and strong finish. While we waited for these parts, we continued to clean other parts. In addition, we buffed and polished the engine case as well as the two fenders. In order to do so, we used scotch brite pads and grit paper to buff out scratches, and we used a white polishing compound to give them shine. With the fenders, we also used the English wheel to smooth dents and properly shape the fenders.

In order to practice spray painting, Glenn showed us how to buff the shine out of the ’58 Tiger Cub fender. This helped prepare it for priming, which gave it a neutral color and matte finish. The primer allowed the actual spray paint to stick to the fender better, giving a smooth and even paint coverage. By that time, the parts came back from the power-coater and we were able to assist the class in re-assembling the bike frame along with all the other parts which we bagged, cleaned, and organized.