Modern Recreation of Felix Savary’s Experiments Using Modern Technology

Experiment 1:

Matlab and DataStudio

Simulink program connected to a 1.5 Amp Power Op Amp and Supply

Pomona Electronics Double banana plug to BNC (m) on RG58C/U

3 Ohm Resistor

#65 Drill Bit

Spool of magnet wire

PASCO Magnetic Field Sensor

I took a long piece of magnet wire and cut it off the spool. I used this long piece of wire to wrap 200 turns around a #65 drill bit in the same direction, trying to make the wraps even and neat. I then connected the 3 ohm resistor in series with this inductor that I just created using the drill bit and wire, and I connected both ends to a 1.5 Amp Power Op Amp and Supply. This power supply has a triple output so that I could use a double banana plug to connect the supply to the analog output of a computer.

This is a picture of the connector cable I used:

This is a picture of the analog output, which is connected to the computer and Power Op Amp and Supply using the connector cable above:

This setup is important since we will be using Matlab and Simulink to generate a voltage in the power supply. Since we are recreating Felix Savary’s experiment, this voltage will mimic the damped oscillations observed by Savary.

Next, I put the magnetic field probe perpendicular to the inductor that I created earlier and switched its setting to radial and 1x.

This is what the setup looks like: