Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS)

An example of a modern catapult that uses electromagnetics is the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS), which is designed to replace the steam catapult system that is presently used on aircraft carriers by the U.S. Navy. The EMALS design is both similar to and different from our own design. EMALS does not use a magnetic sled as a runway in any capacity; rather, it focuses on its electromagnetic launching mechanism. Additionally, while our design implements a linear induction motor, EMALS uses a linear synchronous motor. A linear induction motor consists of a plate, or in our case, a piece of pyrolytic graphite, that is repelled by magnetic fields (which are induced by an electric current) and thus is levitated and accelerated by the motor, while a linear synchronous motor replaces the plate with an array of magnets and moves the magnets “synchronously by locking on the magnetic wave.”

(“EMALS – Electromagnetic Aircraft Launching System”)

(“Linear Motors”)