Drop Tower Catapult



Video – Drop Tower

Biplane Fuselage

Biplane Wings and Struts – For the biplane wings and struts, use a 1/16″ balsa wood

Biplane Launch Video

Drop Tower Printing Instructions

  1. Base Pulley Mount x1
  2. Clip x4
  3. Corrugation x1
  4. Derrick Section_ 1 x1
  5. Derrick Section_2 x1
  6. Derrick Section_3 x1
  7. Derrick Section_4 x1
  8. Derrick Section Top x1
  9. Hook x1
  10. Leg x7
  11. Pin Pivot x2
  12. Pulley Wheel x4
  13. Rail Section x7- Orient the part such that they are flat with printing bay, not standing vertically. This is to produce a smooth surface finish.
  14. Rail Section End x1
  15. Release Button x1
  16. Roller x4
  17. Sandbox x1
  18. Sled Frame x1
  19. Sled Lever x1
  20. Sled pin x1
  21. Sled Pivot x1
  22. Weight Holder x1 – Orient the part such that it is lying on its side to give it shear strength along the walls.