60 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2019


Weeks 1-2

S: Maya

S: Rayyan

P: Miles

DL1Th: Jack

DL2Tu: Owen

DL2Th: Marina

Weeks 3-4

S: Isabel

S: Owen / Shelby

P: Kenalpha

DL1Tu: Maya

Tech1Tu – Electrical – back EMF – Faraday’s Law (changing magnetic field induces EMF in coil) – Cub alternator – Falstad circuit simulator app – https://www.falstad.com/circuit/

DL1Th: Charles

Tech1Th – Mechanical – top speed of motorcycle – gear ratios

DL2Tu: Brooke

Tech2Tu: – Chemical Combustion – Ping-Pong Rocket – K’NEX 2-speed countershaft transmission – Triumph Tiger Cub transmission demo

Tech2Th: Prof. Ju – Battery Company and HCCI Engines

Weeks 5-6

S: Owen / Shelby


P: Marina

DL1Tu: Kenalpha

Tech1Tu: Efficiency of Otto Cycle engine and compression ratio

Tech1Th: Prof. Martinelli – race car design, aerodynamic drag, fin design for cooling, carburetion

Tech2Tu: Review of Engine calculations, Stick-Slip Friction, slip clutch

Weeks 7-8

S: Agnes

S: Leslie

P: Marina / Jack

Tech1Tu: Clutch demo revisited – Engine Torque vs Wheel Torque – 20:1 ratio in low gear – 200 ft-lbs (max) at rear wheel

Tech1Th: Model T

Tech2Tu: Fusion 360 – CAD – CAM – CAE

Tech2Th: 3D printing – CNC milling

Weeks 9-10

S: Sara

S: Marina

P Jack/Simon

Weeks 11-12

S: Simon/Marina