60 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2019

Week 9: Thursday Scribe Notes

Recap of Last Week’s Lab

  • Detailing: Flushed out the oil tank with motor cleaner in the hood. They sanded down the gasket.
  • Frame: Worked with Computer-Aided Design, CAD, to work on a piece that connects the seat to the board.
  • Wheels: Discovered paint inside one of the wheels (apparently, it is insignificant). They went through the catalog and found the ring they needed (a backup ring for keeping the grease in), and they plan on pressing in the bearings today.
  • Top-End: Attached the cover to the motorcycle. Plan on looking for carburetor parts, work on the fuel line and, possibly, put in some gasoline.
  • Bottom End: Worked a bit on sealing, they cleaned out the oil pump area. They pressed the bearing in too much, but they fixed it (by tapping it farther out).
  • Electrical: Worked on the Red Motorcycle. They re-cabled the clutch cable after shorting it twice. Today, they are working on the cover.

Reading Discussion

  • Discussion Leader: Agnes
    • The “winners” (like the Olympic champion) is the one with intrinsic motivation. Page 180.
    • There is a disconnect between work life and leisure life. Page 181.
      • The bike shop can be a place where you find the two merges into one. Page 182.
    • Face-to-Face interactions offer a community when the political/brand image is no longer there. I.E. “German-Made.” Page 189.
    • Any job that can be scaled up, depersonalized, and made to answer to outside forces can be degraded. Page 198.
    • Failure is important. Page 203.
      • People in charge should know what it is like to fail.

Feedback regarding the readings.

  • Pirsig’s book is hard to read.
  • Shop Class as Soulcraft seemed more relevant.
    • Read it first.
  • The text would be more difficult to engage with if it were to be just motorcycle references.
  • Books complement each other.

Brake dynamometers

  • Last class, we measured torque vs. speed.
  • The drum has a moment of inertia.
    • F = m * (v-dot)
    • Put torque in a wheel, drum speeds up.
    • J = moment of inertia.
  • To figure out the force on the object:
    • M*G = force of gravity
    • If you let it go, it accelerates.
    • Velocity increases linearly in time.
    • The derivative of V(t) is acceleration.
    • Can graph torque as a function of angular speed

Author: Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston is Senior Educational Technologist in the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, a unit of the Office of the Dean of the College, Princeton University.