60 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2019

Week 8: Thursday

Lab Recap:

Bottom End: Started trying to find all the pieces for the new engine based on the 1964 Mountain Cub. A lot harder than expected because they didn’t have the right handbook.   Keeping record of stuff that they do and don’t have.

Detailing: Put the oil tank back on the bike.

Electrical: Figured out where to snake the clutch cable. Trying to cut the cable. Difficult because we have to cut down on the actual cable, but also the distance between the wire and the cable jacket

Top End: Sandblasted the head. Last class grounded the valves, and this class couldn’t find them.

Frame: Light sanding and another coat on the fork tubes. Brought the swing arm down to Glen, and it turns out it’s missing a washer.

Wheels: Process figuring out how to lace up the wheels. When a wheel turns, it should turn straight up and down and not wobble left to right.

Chapters 2 and 3

Summary: Simplification of blue-collar work led to less agency, and degradation of intellectual aspect. New idea in early 20th century, brought about by Ford assembly line. Using a cost-efficient low skilled laborer and automated process turned craftsmen to blue-collar workers. He also raised worker wages to reduce worker turnovers. He had prizes for workers who identified ways to cut costs. White-collar work just became the intellectual version of blue-collar work. Rise of the creative class – employed to think of ideas and not do much else. To be creative, you first need to have an understanding of the form and function of something. Need to have a discipline that underlies it.

Motorcycle References: Evolution of oil on your motorcycles. Repeats issue of engines with no more dipsticks.

Modern Manufacturing:

FDM (fused deposition manufacturing) and CNC mill, die cutter


water-jet (water has pieces of garnet)

EDM (electric discharge machine)

plasma cutter

All of these things are now driven by computers (print function)

Author: Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston is Senior Educational Technologist in the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, a unit of the Office of the Dean of the College, Princeton University.