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For availability of a particular course, please check the current semester's course offering at the Office of the Registrar.

General EGR Courses Open to Students From Across the University

The Keller Center offers several courses that have interdisciplinary content integrating engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, and are of broad interest to students from across the University.  These courses typically have no prerequisites and bear the label "EGR".  The following courses are in this category:
Technology and Society: EGR 277 was first offered through the Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education and cross-listed with the History and Sociology departments in Spring 2010. This course was developed in collaboration with the Departments of History and Sociology with support from the 250th Anniversary Fund for Innovation in Undergraduate Education. The faculty involved in the course development are: Michael Gordin and Angela Creager (History), Betsy Armstrong (Sociology and WWS) and Sharad Malik (Electrical Engineering and the Keller Center). EGR 277 is the foundational course for PITAS, the undergraduate certificate Program in Information Technology and Society
EGR 277/HIS 277/SOC 277: Technology and Society
Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS): In EPICS, students earn academic credit for their participation in multidisciplinary design teams that solve technology-based problems for local not-for-profit organizations. Students from all classes and all majors are urged to join and work on projects for multiple semesters. 
EGR 250/251/350/351/450/451: Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)
Entrepreneurship Courses: several courses featuring entrepreneurship and technology are offered at Princeton.
EGR 201: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
EGR 392: Creativity, Innovation, and Design
EGR 491: High-Tech Entrepreneurship 
EGR 492: Radical Innovation in Global Markets
EGR 494: Leadership Development for Business 
EGR 495: Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
EGR 497: Entrepreneurial Leadership
EGR 498: Special Topics in Social Entrepreneurship - Ventures to Address Global Challenges
COS 448/EGR 448: Innovating Across Technology, Business, and Marketplaces
Other broad interest cross-listed courses:
CEE102B/EGR 102B/MAE 102 B: Engineering in the Modern World (ST)
CEE 262B/ARC 262B/EGR 262B/URB 262B: Structures and the Urban Environment (ST)
CHE 260/EGR 260: Ethics and Technology: Engineering in the Real World (EM)
COS 109/EGR 109: Computers in our World (QR)
COS 116/EGR 116: The Computational Universe (ST)
ELE 102/EGR 103: New Eyes for the World: Hands-On Optical Engineering (ST)
ELE 386/EGR 386: Cyber Security (STX)
ELE 431/EGR 431/ENV 431/MAE 431: Solar Energy Conversion (QR)
MAE 228/CHE 228/EGR 228: Energy Solutions for the Next Century
MAE 328/EGR328/ENV 328: Energy for a Greenhouse-Constrained World
PHI 218/EGR 218/ELE 218: Learning Theory and Epistemology (EC)  

EGR Courses with Focused Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematical Content

Additional EGR courses are those with focused computer science, engineering, or mathematical content.  These cross-listed courses are relevant to students beyond the home department:
COS 126/EGR 126: General Computer Science (QR) 
EGR 191/192/194: An Introduction to Engineering, Math, and Physics*
MAE 305/EGR 305/MAT 301: Mathematics in Engineering I (QR)
ORF 245/EGR 245: Fundamentals of Engineering Statistics (QR)
ORF 307/EGR 307: Optimization
ORF 309/EGR 309/MAT 309 : Probability and Stochastic Systems
EGR 501/ELE 501: Responsible Conduct in Research: A Course on Ethics in Engineering

*Engineering, Math, and Physics (EMP) is an integrated introduction to Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics. 
The primary goal of the EMP course is to give first year engineering students a sense of excitement of modern engineering and of the foundational roles that mathematics and physics play in various engineering disciplines. The courses in this category include:
EGR191/MAT 191/PHY 191: An Integrated Introduction to Engineering: Physics (ST)
EGR 192/MAT 192/PHY 192: An Integrated Introduction to Engineering: Math (QR)
EGR 194: An Introduction to Engineering (ST)