57 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2015

Weeks 7-9

Week 7

Top end doing work
Devon and Samone working on transmission
Jamie sanding
Mun and Kate working on the electrical system
Colby and Max looking for parts
Kaitlyn and Al putting the tires on
Mikhael testing parts
Mark working on the CAD software
Jay working on the electrical system


Week 8

Jay testing his soldering skills
Kaitlyn using the cleaning solution
Max and Colby finish up the top end
Max fixing the handlebars
Mikhael searching for a new part
Mun and Devon reparing an old triumph bike

Week 9

Part of the fork assembly
Phil and Prof. Littman polishing
Transmission crew working away
Kaitlyn chipping away at some unwanted paint
Testing the curcuit
Truing the wheels day 2