57 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2015

Weeks 4-6

Professor Littman introduces us to “tapping” with the drill press.
eBay team, pushing it to the limit.
Francesco and Phil, cleaning up the wheels.
Mary Kate, tapping a hole into some sheet metal.
Samone, working on one of the sprockets.
Phil, happily working on an important part.
Mun, studying diligently to understand the intricacies of the distributor.
eBay team, examining purchasing opportunities for various parts.
FFW, taking a look at one of the forks.
Francesco, cleaning away.
Jamie, working on the cylinder after coming back from the sandblaster.
Max, sandblasting.
Max, sandblasting.
Mikhael, putting in work on the engine.
Mary Kate, using the chemical cleaning station.
Mikhael, researching the top end of the engine.
Mun and Phil, conferring on how best to approach repairing the distributor.
Professor Littman jumps in with the eBay team to provide some counsel.
Marc, having a great time transporting parts.
Students gather round as Professor Littman demonstrates proper cleaning of one of the forks.


Week 5


Samone, recieving instruction from Professor Littman.
Devon, working on the distributor.
Francesco, sanding with the lathe.
Jamie, using a brass wire brush to clean an engine component.
Jay, examining the structure of the engine block.
Kate, working on the distributor.
Marc, brushing up on his CAD skills.
Max, admiring his handiwork.
Samone, filing away.


Week 6


Samone, studying up on her subsystems.
Professor Littman and Francesco working away at the lathe.
Francesco “The Enforcer” Fabozzi needs the money now.
Phil, working on the primary cover.
Max, working on the handle assembly.
Marc and Mikhael, working with the drill press on the timing side cover.
Marc, conferring with Glenn on the timing side cover.
Leslie, working on the barrel.
Devon, reading one of the technical manuals.
Jamie, sanding a fender.