Co-hosts Sam Harshbarger and Sophia Winograd on temporary havens becoming something more, featuring stories set in Germany and Turkey. With Ferris Professor of Journalism and NPR international correspondent Deborah Amos, reporter Francesca Block and series host Luc Maurer.

  1. Series and Episode Introduction
  2. Syria’s Forever War and Its Refugees
  3. Of Turks and Syrians
  4. Finding Heimat
  5. Mazen Mohsen’s Musical Diplomacy
  6. Episode and Series Credits


Orta’k Dogu (also known as the OD Ensemble) is a multinational musical group based in Istanbul and founded by Syrian musician Tarik Aslan. Their song “Mülteci Makamı,” written by ensemble member Hussain Hajj’a, is about the struggles faced by refugees in a new land.

Mazen Mohsen is a Syrian singer and musician in Stuttgart, Germany.