Co-hosts Anna Lyubarskaja and Sophie Singletary on the homes we seek and the ones we leave behind, featuring stories about Norway, Senegal and Spain. With series host Luc Maurer.

  1. Series and Episode Introduction
  2. On Wax
  3. Say My Name I: The Good Refugee
  4. Say My Name II: #AbbasiStays
  5. Pirogue Blues I: A Wolof Family Story
  6. Pirogue Blues II: Our Men in Spain
  7. Episode and Series Credits


Krisena is a composer and musician in Trondheim, Norway. We included parts of the songs Skipping Rope, Place of Rest, and Butterfly in this episode.

Aby Ngana Diop was a Senegalese griot (traveling musician) and female taasukat (a Wolof-language praise poet) who recorded her only album, Liital, in 1994. We closed out our episode with part of her song “Dieuleul-Dieuleul.”