The Shifting Borders podcast was reported, written and produced during Princeton University’s Spring 2021 international news seminar on covering nationalism, identity and culture wars in Europe and beyond, taught by Visiting Ferris Professor of Journalism Joanna Kakissis, a contributing international correspondent at NPR and contributor to This American Life. Joanna supervised and edited this project, with assistance from Francesca Block (Princeton ’22), who also mixed the podcast episodes with an associate of Hindenburg Systems.

Sorat Tungkasiri of the McGraw Center designed the Shifting Borders website, and Ben Johnston, also of the McGraw Center, programmed it and brought it to life. Juliana Wojtenko (Princeton ‘23) designed the Shifting Borders logo. We obtained most of the music in these episodes through the royalty-free site Pond5.

Francesca Block (Princeton ‘22) mixed the podcast episodes, with an associate of Hindenburg Systems, and also served as assistant editor.

The Shifting Borders team is hugely grateful to Princeton Journalism’s amazing Margo Bresnen for helping us pull together this ambitious project. Her support was especially crucial during the global pandemic, which meant our class was taught via Zoom and our reporting was done remotely. We couldn’t have done this project without her.

We would also like to thank Princeton Journalism’s wonderful Joe Stephens and Deborah Amos, as well as Kathleen Crown of the Humanities Council, for supporting student-driven projects like these.

And finally, we are also grateful to the many exceptional journalists from around the world who spoke to our class via Zoom this semester, and whose words of advice helped shape our stories. Thank you, Eyder Peralta, Lulu Garcia-Navarro, Mark Lowen, Daniel Estrin, Martha Wexler, Sally Hayden, Daniel Trilling, Riham Al-Kousaa, Andras Petho, Will Dobson, Jess Jiang and Derek Arthur.