Co-hosts Dev Jaiswal and Esha Mittal on the alliances we choose to thrive — or survive, featuring stories about Kosovo and Sweden. With series host Luc Maurer.

  1. Series and Episode Introduction
  2. On My Own I: Balkan Pandemic Rising
  3. On My Own II: Vaccine Politics
  4. On My Own III: That’s What Friends Are For
  5. An Unlikely Friendship I: The Boy from Iran
  6. An Unlikely Friendship II: Be a Swede
  7. Episode and Series Credits


Tarabband is a Swedish musical group formed in Malmö in 2008, led by singer Nadin al-Khalidi, who fled war in her native Iraq in 2001. Here they are performing Baghdad Choby.

Armend Miftari, who sings Thank You USA, is a musician from Kosovo.