Spring 2019

Indigenous Studies and Book History

Phillip H. Round, “Indigenous Illustration: Native American Artists and Nineteenth-Century US Print Culture,” in American Literary History, Vol. 19, No. 2 (Summer, 2007), pp. 267-89

Round – 2007 – Indigenous Illustration Native American Artists

Fall 2018

Her Book: Recovering Lost or Hidden Aspects of Book History

Rare Book Working Group Examines “Her Book” (Notabilia blog post)

“Her Book” worksheet

Why Pay More?

Rare Book Working Group Asks, “Why Pay More?” (Notabilia blog post)

Spring 2018

Introduction to Investigations of Print

James Mosley, “The Technologies of Print,” in The Book: A Global History (Oxford, 2013), pp. 130-53

The Technologies of Print

Introduction to Bookbindings

David Pearson, “Historic Bookbindings: Key Points” and Chapter 1: “The Meaning and Interpretation of Bookbindings,” in English Bookbinding Styles: 1450–1800 (The British Library & Oak Knoll Press, 2005), pp. x-xii, 1-12


Fragmentarium, or, Medieval Manuscript Fragments in Early Bookbindings

Paul Needham, “Fragments in Books: Dutch Prototypography in the Van Ess Library,” in “So Precious a Foundation”: The Library of Leander van Ess, ed. by Milton McC. Gatch (New York: Union Theological Seminary and the Grolier Club, 1996), pp. 85-110

Fragments in Books Dutch Prototypography in the Van Ess Library