False Advertising

Reece This assignment is a sham. Our eight day excursion to Canada has been advertised as a migration reporting research trip for a final term paper in our journalism class, when in fact, this trip has been an extended food tour through Canada. We have now eaten Thai food, Greek food, Irish pub food, dim

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Winter Comes Early

Lindsey Schmidt “It was completely unprecedented. I’ve never seen anything like it,” marveled Brenlea Yamron, owner of Nathan Detroit’s Sandwich Pad, a quaint basement deli in downtown Winnipeg.  On October 14th 2019, a fierce snowstorm struck Manitoba’s capital, Winnipeg, leaving thousands without power and downing nearly 30,000, or ten percent, of the city’s trees. “What

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Two Sides of the Camera

By Karolen Eid One of the highlights of our trip in Winnipeg was an invitation to watch the daily newscast at Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN). APTN is a major television network that prides itself on being “the first national indigenous broadcaster in the world.” Most of the network’s employees are members of Canada’s indigenous

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Immigration Through a TV Lens and More

By Audrey Cheng On our last day in Winnipeg, we shifted focus from Canada’s newest residents to its oldest: the country’s over 1.6 million indigenous peoples. We learned their stories during a visit to the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)’s downtown headquarters. This broadcasting company provides programming in over 20 different languages for Canada’s diverse

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A Family Meal

By: Kavya Chaturvedi On Monday afternoon, our group walked into the Seeds of Life Community Church in Altona, Manitoba knowing only that we would meet a number of refugees and their Canadian hosts. I was not prepared for a family meal, Spanish immersion program, and incredibly inspiring conversation all wrapped into one. I filled my

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You Are Now My Family

Edward Tian When Ahlam Dib first arrived in Canada with her family and several other Syrian refugees in December 2015, they landed in Toronto, Ontario and were given a one-way plane ticket to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Dib was ridden with insecurities. Where would they live? Who would take care of them? Would there be someone to

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Too Good to be True

Sophie Li “They say that the best part of a small town is that everybody knows everybody,” says Ray Loewen, chuckling, “and the worst part of a small town is that everybody knows everybody.” Ray Loewen is the leader of a community of Mennonites in Altona, Manitoba. The majority of its 4,000 residents are descendents

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Long live the Queen!

By: Liam O’Connor Queen Elizabeth II’s omnipresence in the United Kingdom was one of the more peculiar aspects of British life that I had to adjust to during my study abroad this past spring. Her initials were molded into mailboxes, her name marked every sign welcoming me to parks, and her royal warrant was on

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