World Forests, 2005


Forest Cover and Harvest of Selected Forest Products


This map shows forest coverage and percentage of harvest of forest products for each region of the world.

Legend for forest cover indicates:

  • Sea Green: Evergreen needleleaf
  • Olive Drab: Evergreen broadleaf
  • Black: Deciduous needleleaf
  • Kelly Green: Deciduous broadleaf
  • British Racing Green: Mixed
  • Lime Green: Woodland
  • Pear: Wooded grassland

Legend for harvest of selected forest products indicates:

  • Falu Red: Wood fuel
  • Goldenrod: Wood-based panels and sawn wood
  • Pale Brown: Paper and paperboard

In addition, an explanation on the importance of world forests is provided.


National Geographic Atlas of the World, Eigth Edition. Published by the National Geographic Society. Prepared by National Geographic Maps for The Book Division, 2005.


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