Passive Smoking: Children Protest, 1999-2003


Passive Smoking: Children’s Voices


Color-coded map shows percentage of students aged 13-15 years who want bans on smoking in public places between 1999-2002. It also locates the first five countries to ratify the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

This map reflects concerns for the health-related effects of children’s exposure to tobacco, such as sudden infant death syndrome, possible brain tumors and long-term mental effects, respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia, blood diseases such as lymphoma, fire burns, etc.


  • Brown: Over 75%
  • Orange: 51%-75%
  • Yellow: 26%-50%
  • Purple: 41%-60%
  • Light Grey: no data
  • Black dot: sub-national data available only

A more detailed version of this map:


Inheriting the World: The Atlas of Children’s Health and the Environment, Part Two: Global Environmental Issues. By Bruce Gordon, Richard Mackay and Eva Rehfuess, World Health Organization, 2004.
ISBN 92 4 159156 0.


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