Map of the Internet, 22 November 2003


Map of the Internetwp, 22 November 2003.


“This is our first full Internet map with color and other graphing logic.
RFC1918 addresses have been hashed into a unique checksum so they do not incorrectly overlap with other routers or hosts.”

The colors are based on Class A allocation of IP space to different registrars in the world:

  • Asia Pacific – Red
  • Europe/Middle East/Central Asia/Africa – Green
  • North America – Blue
  • Latin American and Caribbean – Yellow
  • RFC1918 IPwp addresses – Cyan
  • Unknown – White

Graph Engine: LGL (Large Graph Layout)


“Instead of mapping every single IP address on the Internet (theoretical maximum of 2^32=4,294,967,296 hosts) we simply traceroutewp to each class C network. The “traceroute” is a method to see how the operating Internet looks node-to-node. It’s more of a functional view than looking at how networks advertise over an ASNwp. This also reduces the theoretical maximum to 16,777,216 hosts.” [1]


Map 1069524880.LGL.2D.700×700.png from The Opte Project. Other images at higher resolution are available from the same location.


The Opte Project. The copyright date appears to be 2003.


Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 1.0