Sea of Time 時の海-東北

Sea of Time 時の海-東北




This sketch is an idea the artist has in mind for the repose of the souls of the victims of the Great East Japan earthquake in March 2011.


By using 3,000 LEDs, the artist is thinking of exhibiting the “Light of Life” of those who passed away. The LEDs count numbers from 9 to 1, excluding the number 0. When counting numbers, it represents life, and when the lights go off, it signifies death. The LEDs count numbers (life and death) over and over again to represent “life” itself.


In Buddhism, this is called “Samsara”, and means reincarnation, the indefinite cycle of life and death. In other words, death is not the end; it is a preparatory period for the next life.


The counting speed can be adjusted down or up, the same way each life has a unique character.