A Day in the Life of a Sustainable Princeton Intern

By Vincent DeLuca

This summer, I have been interning at the nonprofit Sustainable Princeton through ProCES Derian. My focus has been on storm water management and flood mitigation. I came into this summer with no experience in this field so it has been a great learning experience. I have been tasked with researching a FEMA program that could lower premiums for policyholders on their flood insurance, studying water infrastructure and manually uploaded coordinates to improve the town’s ArcGIS system, and researching the costs of storm water utilities and green infrastructure. I work between my dorm, the library, and the office in Monument Hall.

Throughout the summer I have been lucky enough to meet with storm water experts from the area. These include individuals from the Watershed Institute, FEMA, and Princeton’s town government. I was also able to attend the 2019 Sustainable Summit, an event put together by Sustainable Jersey that involved 57 organizations and companies coming together to collaborate and share ideas.

The members of Sustainable Princeton have been very supportive and they make me feel like a part of their team. I really enjoy working in the office with them and the other interns.


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