Education & Access

Education is often considered a crucial gateway to opportunity as well as an engine of societal progress. Yet, education in the United States is highly unequal — in recent years, disparities in access and outcomes have persisted or grown across many dimensions such as race, gender, and socioeconomic status. This cohort will meet over dinner to examine questions about the structures and systems that drive educational disparities  and what practices and policies may reduce it.

Working with the Wolves

Last week was the last week I hosted FHE, Fellows for Higher Education, at my old high school, KSJC. Starting this past week, the school year had already begun, with freshmen roaming the halls and new teachers looking just as confused as the new students. The old students that I knew, juniors and seniors, were […]

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Once a SJPer, always a SJPer

By Hanying Jiang Though my internship with the Summer Journalism Program (SJP) ended on August 16th, I imagine I’m never going to be able to leave this program. I have many thanks for the program. As a student participant, I was given an opportunity to really surround myself with people who shared the same intellectual […]

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The Growth of a Vietnamese-American in Vietnam

By Eric Tran Words cannot describe how transformative my time abroad was. I am back home now after being in Vietnam for two months for an internship, and I miss Vietnam every day. The best part of my time in Vietnam, aside from the rewarding work that I have done in-country, was just the sheer […]

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There’s Always Something for Everyone

By Eric Tran As a part of my internship, we live in a volunteer house with a lot of other people. Because there are so many people to feed the house actually hires cooks to come in twice a day to make us lunch and dinner. Sometimes though, when I want to switch things up, […]

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College Scholar Summer

By Tammy Pham When I was a high school student, everything seemed so confusing when it came to the college application process. My family was not prepared for anything, especially financial aid. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to have amazing teachers and external counselors who guided me through the process. A lot of students at […]

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A Day in the Life of Princeton Summer Journalism Program Coordinator

By Hanying Jiang   This summer, I’m working as the program coordinator for the amazing Princeton Summer Journalism Program (PSJP). My office space is located right above the U-Store … in a windowless interview conference room. It’s not much to look at, but it’s quite cozy. Lydia, my co-worker, and I have grown to appreciate […]

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