Farming & Food Systems

Our food system encompasses everything from the production of our food to its consumption and
everything in between. As such, it sits at the nexus of concerns about health, sustainability, politics, and
economics. As we consider how to shift our food system in ways that will address these concerns, local farmers are critical stakeholders in working towards a more just and sustainable 21st-century food system.
This cohort will meet over Wednesday breakfasts (8:30-10am at Jammin’ Crepes) to discuss questions and topics such as how we can better understand food systems through academic study of different models and approaches to the food system, the fundamental premises upon which such models are based, and the benefits/drawbacks of them. The cohort will also take a look at different research approaches and methodologies that can be brought on the food system.


By Patrick Huang I’m in Red Wing, Minnesota this summer as an intern with Every Hand Joined, which is focused on ensuring children in this town find academic and lifelong career success. The nonprofit organization is structured around the concept of collective impact, a term that describes how different members and sectors of a community […]

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