Advocacy & Policy

Political polarization in the United States has escalated in recent years, creating challenges for progress on a number of policy fronts — public health and healthcare policies are particularly contested. Among the many pressing health issues facing the United States, gun violence remains a particularly thorny issue — it is a leading cause of premature death and injury, but is particularly difficult to address. This cohort will meet over dinner to examine questions of advocacy and its impact on legislation, studying particular issues like gun violence and what skills lead to the most productive activism.

Summer in City Hall

I worked in Cincinnati, Ohio, with Council Member P.G. Sittenfeld and his office. I worked mainly in the office, but I accompanied the staff to nearly-daily meetings with constituents and community members, participated in tours and press conferences, and observed council/committee meetings. I worked with the two staff members, Jazz and Chris, to brainstorm the […]

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My Summer as a Disability Advocate

Today was my last day as a Policy Intern for the Center for Disability Rights (CDR), a disability advocacy organization headquartered in Rochester, New York. Because of my own disability, I was able to intern remotely from the comfort of my home in Maryland instead of relocating to New York for the summer. I had […]

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Pantries & Offices

By Leyla Arcasoy This summer, I’m interning at Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Immigrant Health & Cancer Disparities Service.  The work that we do at the IHCD revolves around limiting and overcoming the disparities that vulnerable populations face when it comes to access to healthcare, more specifically, cancer care. So far, I have two major roles at […]

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