64 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2012


Week 1

Tuesday Class: Formulate course objectives.  Plan lab activity.

This year’s course learning objectives …

  • Aesthetics – What is the connection between Form and Function?
  • Aesthetics – What is the relationship between parts and the whole?
  • Shop Tools – Which to use?, How to use?, and How to make your own?
  • Measurements and Tools – Which measurements are important and why? Which tools to use for measurements? and How should they be used?
  • Science and Analysis – What is maximum possible performance? Why is actual performance less?
  • Maintenance – How do parts wear and fail?  How can design minimize wear and breakage?  How can design facilitate maintenance?
  • Design Tools – How to use computer aided design (CAD) tools for design and analysis?
  • Evolution – How has our bike evolved? And why? How are modern bikes different?  What is the future of motorcycle design?

Tuesday Lab: Look over and compare ’58, ’62, ’63, and ’64 Cubs. ’64 Cub (bike this year) is close to working – we think – condition is precisely as received.  Plan is to try to get it to the point that we can see if it will start.  Four teams – oil drain and fill, gas tank removal and inspection, electrical assessment and repair, carb and throttle,determine rocker arm gaps using feeler gauge, check compression.  By end of day the bike is back to a point that it could be tried out.  Spark achieved – points needed cleaning.  Carb was OK, tank was OK, oil drained from three chambers.

Thursday Class: Discuss introductions of ZAMM and SCAS.  Plan Lab.

Thursday Lab: Added oil and gas to ’64.  Took all 4 cycles out to parking lot.  All 4 cycles started, including the ’64.  Great start.