63 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2011


Team – Caroline, Elizabeth, David

UPDATE – MARCH 7, 2011

The frame group has been working to restore the bike back to it’s original condition.

Cleaning and degreasing:

Almost a full two weeks was spend removing a lot of grease, rust, and build-up that got stuck on to the different pieces of the frame so that they could be sent for power-coating as soon as possible.  The first picture below shows the cleaned parts before they went out for painting and they are expected back any day.

Wheels and Tires:

The wheels have been fully disassembled and restored and look great!  The original tires and inner-tubes were replaced and the rims have been completely cleaned and de-rusted.  A lot of rust had built up in and around the spokes as well as between the tire and the rim on the non-visible part of the rims.  Before and after shots of the wheels below.

Brakes and Forks:

All of these pieces have been cleaned and we have studied the manual in order to comprehend how these systems work.  In order to begin reassembling the breaks and forks, we will have to wait until important pieces return from powder-coating


A new gas-tank came in from ebay which had a lot of initial surface rust on it.  That too was cleaned and de-rusted and primed.  We will be deciding on colors and painting the tank and fenders in the near-future.

UPDATE – MARCH 21, 2011

A few discoveries were made over spring break:

  • A large crack was found through the main portion of the frame once excess paint was removed at powder coating.  This crack was just welded back and should hold.  It will be sent out once more for powder coating.
  • Yellow! We’ve chosen yellow and off-white for the 1963 to offer a little change from the other bikes in the shop.  The headlamp and oil tank have been painted.  Fenders and gas tank to come.
  • New handlebars arrived.  Frame parts that have been replace now include fenders, break lever, seat, gas tank, knee pads, rear shocks, chain guard, handlebars

The bike is beginning to come together little by little!  The frame is now assembled and waiting for the engine to be finished up and mounted onto the frame.

In our presentation we gave an outline of the front fronts, rear suspension, brakes, and swing arm.  We talked about our progress throughout the course and how the frame has come together in recent weeks.  We also discussed the difference between disk vs. drum brakes, discussed brake dive and trail and rake, and put up some new photos of painted parts.  Click here to see the presentation.

The frame has been reassembled and the bike is almost completed.

The color choice looks great, brakes and forks are working, and most importantly, we have started the bike.  The last thing to do once we are finished tinkering with the engine is to install the seat.

Here is a photo of the near completed bike.  Not bad considering what we started with

Just kidding…

That was the Mansory Zapico, here is our bike.  Not bad considering what we started with

Frame Presentation Final