63-2 Tiger Cub Motorcycle

FRS 106, Michael Littman – Spring 2018

Top End

Our Parts:

1) Cylinder
2) Cylinder Head
3) Piston
4) Valves
5) Valve Springs
6) Rocker Arms
7) Push Rods

What We Did:

1) Took everything apart and inventoried parts
2) Scrubbed everything in the parts cleaner
3) Sandblasted the Cylinder and Cylinder head
4) Glass-beaded the Cylinder and Cylinder head
5) Ordered a new piston
6) Cut the valve seats using the valve cutters
7) Lapped the valves and the valve seats
8) Bored the Cylinder using the Lathe (with Glen’s help)
9) Honed the Cylinder
10) Reassembled the Cylinder head (inserted the valves, springs, and rocker arms)
11) Attached the Cylinder to the Cylinder head
12) Attached the Top End to the Bottom End (and inserted the push rods)
13) Checked the lash with the feeler gages
14) Put the covers on the Cylinder head
15) Put the engine on the bike

For more information, click on our presentation below.