On Tuesday, students had the opportunity to visit their choice of organizations before reconvening at the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) and finally meeting for dinner and desert.

Students receive a warm welcome at Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) on Tuesday morning. PC: unknown, photo provided by Priya Ganatra

Thanks, Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council — for both an amazing discussion AND lunch! PC: unknown, photo provided by Priya Ganatra

In the afternoon, we met with the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN). This ginormous table is made from one tree assembled in multiple pieces. PC: Jes Wright

Prof. Deb Amos gets excited to see this Tonto comic-papered workstation at APTN for the second year in a row! PC: Deb Amos (left); Jes Wright (right)

Come explore APTN’s studio with us! Sophomores Amy Abdalla (top left) and Ben Ball (top right) look ready to host tonight’s 5:00 news. Senior Marcia Brown photographs the gorgeous studio (bottom left, bottom right). Junior Irma Qavolli poses on set (second to right bottom), and Amy and Irma watch themselves on-screen (second to left bottom). PC: Jes Wright, Shanon Musa

“Houston we have (First) Contact.” PC: Jes Wright

Nothing like a Syrian dinner! We spent Tuesday night with Maysoun Darweesh, Nour Ali, and their daughter Rooj. The family spent 6 years in Macau after fleeing Syria and before arriving in Canada. Maysoun is the Volunteer Matching Specialist at Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council, and part of her job is to match newcomer families with local Canadians. Rooj is a talented independent film actress, and Nour had us laughing all night! PC: Jes Wright, Priya Ganatra

Can you believe these ice cream flavors?! Sophomore Jack Allen (second to left) sure can’t! Nothing tops off a long day better than Lebanese ice cream at Chaeban Ice Cream with flavors like rose water, saffron, or lavender. Princeton students have fun while Prof. Deb Amos (right) Instagrams her treat. Follow Prof. Amos @amos.deb and Chaeban @chaeban_ice_cream on Insta. PC: Jes Wright, Priya Ganatra

Sophomore Sophia Cai waits to order her @chaeban_ice_cream late Tuesday night. PC: Jes Wright