On Wednesday we left Winnipeg for Toronto. After a late (10 am!) start, we spent most of the day traveling. After a few hours of downtime, we had an incredible dinner at Newcomer Kitchen, a nonprofit that invites Syrian refugee women to cook a weekly meal at The Depanneur. There, we met with international business leaders, including Mohamad Fakih, a self-made Lebanese-Canadian businessman and philanthropist who founded Paramount Fine Foods. Have a taste of our day below!

Senior Priya Ganatra says goodbye to “just the local guy” — Rorie! Rorie was our Winnipeg fixer, and we’re extremely grateful for his insight and dedication during our few short days with him. PC: unknown, photo provided by Priya Ganatra

It’s a squeeze to get the whole gang in a single photo, but we managed! PC: Deb Amos

Princeton students enjoy a multi-course meal prepared by Syrian cooks at The Depanneur’s Newcomer Kitchen in Toronto. The proceeds are split between the newcomer cooks. Wednesday’s dinner included babaganoush, muhammarah, meat and chickpea stews, turmeric cake, and more. PC: Jes Wright

Former refugee and self-made businessman Mohamad Fakih addresses Princeton students and guests before dinner at the Newcomer Kitchen. His main message: “if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me” — we should all take the first step to bettering our lives. PC: Jes Wright

Princeton students hard at work — sophomore Sophia Cai conducts video interviews of refugee chefs and Mohamad Fakih (left, right). Sophomore Jack Allen takes notes during an interview. PC: Jes Wright