Major Global Trade Flows of Dairy Products in 2003


Major Global Trade Flows of Dairy Products in 2003


The map shows dairy exports categorized as follows:

  • cheese
  • cheese and butter
  • powder milk
  • powder milk and cheese
  • all

The arrow widths are proportional to flows in millions of US dollars.

“The biggest players in international dairy trade are not necessarily the largest producers.
New Zealand, for example, is one of the smallest producing countries but is a major dairy trading
country.” (p. 35).


Don P. Blayney, Mark J. Gehlar, U.S. Dairy at a New Crossroads in a Global Setting, Economic Research Service, USDA, November 2005.

An HTML version
is also available online in the November 2005 issue of the USDA’s Amber Waves.


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