Computer Ownership, 1995


Computer Ownership 1995


This map shows countries color-keyed according to their share of computer ownership per 1,000 people. The number of computers linked to the internet in is also indicated.

Legend indicates:

  • Number of computers per 1,000 people 1995:
    • over 200
    • 100-200
    • 10-100
    • 1-10
    • no data
  • Number of computers linked to the internet January 1996:
    • over 6 million
    • 100,000-500,000
    • 10,000-100,000

An explanation about the production of computer technology and the unequal access to it is additionally offered.


Oxford Atlas of World History, Oxford University Press, 2002. General Editor Patrick K. O’Brien.

Chapter 5. The Twentieth Century: “Transport and Communication since 1945,” page 283.


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