Child Labor: Growing Up Too Quickly, c. 2004


Child Labor: Growing Up Too Quickly


Color-coded map shows percentage of children aged 5-14 years who are working in 2001 or later. It also shows countries that have not yet ratified the ILO Convention 182 to combat worst forms of child labor. The map reflects concerns regarding children’s exposure to hazardous working conditions, occupational risks, and school drop-out.

Legend indicates:

  • Dark Purple: Over 50%
  • Dark Blue: 26%-50%
  • Light Purple: 11%-25%
  • Light Blue: 10% and under
  • Light Brown: no data

A more detailed version of this map:


Inheriting the World: The Atlas of Children’s Health and the Environment, Part Two: Global Environmental Issues. By Bruce Gordon, Richard Mackay and Eva Rehfuess, World Health Organization, 2004.
ISBN 92 4 159156 0.


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