Basic Strokes

Basic Strokes

A.   Basic strokes

The following is a list of basic strokes, and the main principles regarding the direction of strokes are listed here,

1、横héng horizontal lines are written from left to right.

2、竖shù Vertical lines are written from top to boom.

3、撇piě Left-slanting lines are written from upper right to lower left.

4、捺nà Right-slanting lines are written from upper left to lower right.

5、提tí Rising strokes are written from lower left to upper right.

B.   Stroke orders

It is important to write character following the stroke orders, similar to following the routine when you are dancing, because it will help you to build muscle memory for both strokes and radicals.

The General rules for the ordering of strokes are given below. There are exceptions, though.

  • Horizontal (一) before vertical (丨)
  • Left stroke before right
  • Top before bottom


生 shēng

王 wáng