For Beginners



Course evaluations of elementary Chinese from the past five years (year 2016-2021) and many research projects show that learning how to write, memorize, and retain characters is the hardest component of and is the biggest source of learning anxiety for both non-heritage learners and heritage learners.

This Character learning website is purposely designed to help beginning learners of Chinese to learn how to write, memorize, and retain characters. The content on this website includes the evolution, formation, and construction of Chinese characters and individual pages of about 600 characters. Characters are categorized, and you can search a character by itself, by the lesson number in which they appears, by its phonetic Pinyin, its radical, and its English translation as well.

Hope you will find the website useful and helpful for your Character learning.

Should you have questions about, suggestions or feedback on the website, please feel free to contact Luanfeng Huang via email