This Character learning website is purposely designed to help beginning learners of Chinese to learn how to write, memorize, and retain characters.

You can either use the search bar or click the button at the top left to see the following content,

  1. the brief evolution of Chinese Character,
  2. the 6 ways of Chinese characters formation,
  3. the construction of a character, including instructions on basic strokes and most common radicals,
  4. Q & A section
  5. pages of about 365 characters categorized by lesson, each page including the phonetic Pinyin, meaning, the origin and evolution, structure and components (radicals), and the stroke orders of a character.

Hope you will find the website useful and helpful for your Character learning.

Should you have questions about, suggestions or feedback on this website, please feel free to contact Luanfeng Huang via email luanfeng@princeton.edu