Every day we had a list of places we were to visit in small groups, then the group would reconvene at the end of the day.

Museum of Fine Arts
The “Museo Nacional de Bellos Artes de La Habana” is a fantastic museum of Cuban art, with mixture of contemporary and historic galleries.

Museum of the Revolution
This museum is located inside of the presidential palace, and mainly features artifacts from the original revolurionary period as well as the acts of the revolutionary government since then.

The Tropicana Club is a premier and historic cabaret which was featured in one of our readings for the semester, Tres Tristes Tigres by Cabrera Infante.

Santa y Andres
Santa y Andres is a film by Carlos Lechuga which stars Lola Amores and Eduardo Martinez in the title roles.

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant
This play is based on a German movie but was reimagined by director Carlos Diaz.

Hemingway House
Finca Vigía was the home of Ernst Heminway, the American author.