Today we go a bit off the beaten path — Welcome to Altona and Emerson!

After a brief discussion with Ben Rempel at Manitoba Education and Training on Monday morning, we traveled from Winnipeg to Altona for a lunch with Canadian newcomers prepared by Syrian refugees. From Altona we made the short drive to Emerson, where we spoke with former CAO Greg Janzen about irregular border crossers, before returning to King’s Head Pub for dinner with Red River College journalism students in Winnipeg.

Bus shenanigans on the a two-hour trip from Winnipeg to Altona. Sharon poses with (steals?) Irma’s glasses (left, top left); Marcia’s studious between bouts of taking photos (right, top right); millennials struggle with spotty internet connection and to return to their natural state of digital equilibrium; Priya shows off her dance moves! PC: Jes Wright

Lunch with, and prepared by, Syrian refugees in Altona, organized by Ray Loewen at Seeds Church (right). Sophomore Sophia Cai sets up her camera as part of her final JRN449 assignment (left). PC: Jack Allen

Prof. Deb Amos and senior Marcia Brown meet with town officials in Emerson. PC: Jes Wright

The town hall and town seal of Emerson. PC: Jes Wright

A window into Winnipeg as dusk starts to fall. PC: Jes Wright