The Fight of Jews from the Medieval West


The Fight of Jews from the Medieval West


Color-coded map shows

  • Regions forbidden to Jews:
    • before 1300 (blue)
    • before 1400 (purple)
    • prohibitions varying according to place and time before 1500 (pink)
    • other Catholic countries (yellow)
    • Muslim world circa 1500 (green);
  • Migration:
    • from England in the 8th century (purple arrows)
    • from France – 14th-15th centuries (pink arrows)
    • from the Holy Roman Empire – 14th-15th centuries (blue arrows);
  • Guest communities and centers of new Jewish settlement (black squares);
  • Major Jewish communities in Western Europe (black dots);
  • Other significant Jewish communities (white dots);
  • Slaughter of Jews by the “”Armleder”” in Central Germany -1298-1303- (red star);
  • Slaughter of Jews by “”Rindfleisch”” in Franconia and Alsace (1336-1338) (red star).


The Penguin Atlas of Diasporas. By Gerard Chaliand and Jean-Pierre Rageau. Maps by Catherine Petit. Penguin Books U.S.A. Inc., 1995. (p. 20)


Gerard Chaliand and Jean-Pierre Rageau