Geological Time Table


Geological Time Table


This poster has two main elements:

  • The “Geographical Time Table” documents:
    • Orogenic events
    • Magnetic polarity and anomaly numbers
    • Stratigraphic Classification
    • Major biotic events
    • Major paleographic paleoceanographic events
    • Continental Paleoclimatological Classification: Glacials and Interglacials
    • Archeological Classification
  • A set of nine Paleogeographic – Paleoceanographic Maps, one each for:
    • Early Pliocene
    • Middle Miocene
    • Mid Oligocene
    • Late Paleocene
    • Mid Cretaceous
    • Middle Jurassic
    • Middle Triassic
    • Early Devonian
    • Late Cambrian

Legend: Symbols to mark Inferred Surface circulation, potential locus of warm deep water, potential pathways of bottom war, inferred spreading ridges and inferred upwelling areas.


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