Energy Map of Latin America, 1992


Energy Map of Latin America – Petroleum Economist Energy Maps


World map shows oil and gas resources for each country in Latin America, providing lists with names of oil and gas fields and pipelines.

Legend at the bottom indicates for both maps:

  • Oil Field (green-colored areas)
  • Oil Shale (light green-colored areas)
  • Oil Pipelines (green line)
  • Gas/condensate field/s (red-colored areas)
  • Gas Pipeline (red line)
  • Pipeline under construction or planned (red/green intermittent line)
  • Symbols for:
    • Oil refinery
    • Oil refinery under construction or planned
    • Tanker terminal
    • Trans-shipment terminal
    • LNG terminal (planned)
    • Major hydro-electric scheme
    • Coal Field
    • Relief tints (2,000 m-1,000 m above sea level, sea level)

Country inset panels on the left provide information about population, Gross National Product, and GNP per capita, and a graph of Gross National Product growth between 1980-1991.

Inset panels on the right include data (of countries for which information is available) on: oil production, gas production, oil refining, and nuclear power.


Petroleum Economist Energy Maps. Produced in association with Ernst & Young Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States of America, Venezuela.

Designed by D.A. Burles.


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This map is in the collection of copyrighted maps of the Geosciences and Map Library, Fine Hall (B level), Princeton University.

Call number: LF G3292.L3N3.1992.P4


© The Petroleum Economist Ltd., London, United Kingdom, September 1992.

Base mapping © Bartholomew, 12 Duncan Street, Edinburgh.


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